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From $149.00 /post.

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60 days.

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The Land8 job board offers several useful features, including a 60-day job post duration for longer exposure, placement on the Land8 home page, and featured posts on the Land8 LinkedIn page, to help employers attract professionals in landscape architecture to their job openings. The site also offers free listings for internship roles.

However, the platform lacks a searchable resume database and other hiring tools, such as an applicant tracking system and distribution to other career sites.


  • It is free to post internship listings.
  • Employers can purchase job packs with multiple listings at a discounted price.
  • Job postings are online for 60 days and can be extended for an additional 30 days.
  • Premium listings remain toward the top of the job listings page and are featured on the Land8 home page.
  • Job ads are posted on the Land8 LinkedIn page and included in a Land8 eNews entry with the Premium plan.


  • The free plan is limited to internship listings only.
  • The site does not have a searchable resume database or an applicant tracking system.
  • Jobs are not distributed to other websites for increased exposure.


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Internship Board Listing


Job Board Listing


Job Board Listing - 3 Listing Package


Premium Job Board Listing


Premium Job Board Listing - 3 Listing Package


Add-On: Job Board Listing - 30 Day Extension


Land8 Job Board vs. Landscape Industry Careers:

The Land8 job board and Landscape Industry Careers both target a niche audience and offer 60-day job post durations. However, the latter is more affordable as it offers free standard job postings, whereas the Land8 job board only allows free internship listings and has a starting price of $149.00 for regular job ads.

Land8 Job Board vs.

While charges $25.00 for an internship listing, this is free on the Land8 job board. charges nonprofit organizations $99.00 per post and government and private employers $199.00 per post, making it a costlier option than the Land8 job board's cost of $149.00 per post.

Land8 Job Board vs.

Climbing Arborist Jobs targets a slightly different audience than the Land8 job board. While the former lists jobs for arborists, the latter has a focus on opportunities in landscape architecture. With a free basic posting plan, is more affordable than the Land8 job board, which charges $149.00 for a standard job ad.

Key Information

Legal Name

LAND8 Media, LLC

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2008


Washington, DC 20001




What does it cost to post a job on the Land8 job board?

The Land8 job board's pricing starts at $149.00 per post. However, they also offer free internship listings.

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