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The FNGLA job board gives employers access to a niche network of landscaping professionals in the state of Florida. While it does not offer any additional hiring tools, such as a searchable resume database or applicant tracking tools, it features a simple job posting process and good local reach to easily find and connect with skilled candidates.


  • FNGLA members can post job opportunities for free.
  • The job board primarily caters to Florida-based job seekers and is a good option for local hiring efforts.
  • Listings can be added to the platform's email newsletter for added visibility.
  • The job posting process is quick and easy.
  • Vacancies are sent to registered job seekers via daily or weekly email alerts.


  • The FNGLA job board does not offer resume searches, employer branding, or applicant tracking tools.
  • Listings aren't shared on the site's social media pages or to other job boards.


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FNGLA Job Board vs. Landscape Industry Careers:

Like the FNGLA job board, Landscape Industry Careers is the job board of a landscaping-related association and lists niche positions. However, the FNGLA job board primarily targets a local audience. While FNGLA members can post jobs for free, nonmembers are charged $99.00 per post, compared to Landscape Industry Careers' free job posting service.

FNGLA Job Board vs. Land8 Job Board:

The FNGLA job board and the Land8 job board both cater to landscaping professionals, but the latter is more feature-rich with promoted listings and social media sharing. While the FNGLA job board is free for members and charges $99.00 per nonmember post, the Land8 job board has free internship postings and paid plans that start at $149.00 per post.

FNGLA Job Board vs. ZipRecruiter:

ZipRecruiter is a popular job board that lists a wide range of general roles. The site offers a free trial and its paid plans start at $24.00 per day per post, compared to the FNGLA job board's free member posting service and $99.00 per nonmember post. ZipRecruiter offers job ad distribution and resume searches, which the FNGLA job board lacks.

Key Information

Legal Name

Florida Nursery, Growers and Landscape Association


1533 Park Center Dr., Orlando, FL 32835



1 (407) 295-7994



What does it cost to post a job on FNGLA Job Board?

The FNGLA job board allows members to post jobs for free, while nonmembers are charged $99.00 per post.

What is FNGLA Job Board's phone number?

The FNGLA job board's phone number is 1 (407) 295-7994.

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