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It is free to post jobs on the HRCalifornia Job Board for those who hold a CalChamber Preferred Membership or higher. There is no limit to the number or frequency of job postings members are allowed. You can purchase a membership from the CalChamber Store or contact an agent to find out more.


HRCalifornia Job Board is a job site presented by CalChamber for the exclusive use of members who hold a Preferred Membership or higher. Employers who frequently post vacancies will save thousands of dollars by signing up.

Employers who use the HRCalifornia Job Board enjoy access to comprehensive CalChamber resources and great customer support, including a labor law helpline, to ensure compliance with the fast-changing employment laws in California.


  • The job board is affiliated with CalChamber, the biggest business organization representing California companies.
  • The site contains mainly California-based vacancies, but it allows for postings all over the U.S.
  • The U.S. accounts for over 90% of total site traffic, making this a great place to source local hires.
  • There is a free, seven-day trial of CalChamber available, so you can test the job board without committing to a membership.
  • Customers enjoy great resources, including access to a team that can help with complex HR and employment law compliance.
  • Clients are eligible for a year-round 20% discount on compliance products and online training offered by CalChamber Store.


  • Single listings cannot be purchased and employers must sign up for a CalChamber membership before they can post jobs.
  • The site lists fewer jobs and receives low traffic compared to sites such as LinkedIn and Indeed.
  • All employer accounts have to be approved before jobs can be posted, which may delay the process.


We were unable to find any online reviews of HRCalifornia Job Board, but their affiliation with CalChamber and the fact that they're owned by ZipRecrutier, Inc. provide reassurance to employers who are considering using the site.

HRCalifornia Job Board vs. CalJOBS:

CalJOBS is a free career platform and job site that offers basic features, while HRCalifornia is a paid service that provides comprehensive business resources. Because job seekers are required to sumit their Social Security number, CalJOBS loses some of its credibility, while HRCalifornia is backed by CalChamber.

HRCalifornia Job Board vs. CaliforniaJobNetwork.com:

CaliforniaJobNetwork.com is a job board focused on diversity that offers multiple job posting packages, providing the flexibility that HRCalifornia does not. CaliforniaJobNetwork.com shares jobs across 600 sites, while HRCalifornia lacks partner job boards but offers a range of HR resources, making it better for employers requiring extra support.

HRCalifornia Job Board vs. California Job Department:

California Job Department shares jobs across a network with over 10 million monthly views and aggregates posts from company sites, newspapers, and other job boards. Contrastingly, HRCalifornia receives lower traffic and does not post jobs from other sites. Employers looking to reach a large talent pool may have better luck with California Job Department.

Key Information

Legal Name

California Chamber of Commerce


Frank D. Fagan

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1890


1215 K St., Ste. 1400, Sacramento, CA 95814




1 (800) 331-8877



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How much does it cost to post a job on HRCalifornia Job Board?

For members who hold a CalChamber Preferred Membership or higher, posting jobs on HRCalifornia is free.

How do I post a job on HRCalifornia Job Board?

  1. Purchase a CalChamber Membership.
  2. Click on "Post A Job."
  3. Complete the registration.
  4. Check your email.
  5. Set up your employer profile.
  6. Wait for your account approval.

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