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CalJOBS offers recruitment services at no cost to employers.


CalJOBS is a free job board and career platform serving the state of California. As with most free software, it is a no-frills platform that's missing advanced recruiter features but manages to get the job done. Its standard features include a resume searching tool, statewide labor market information, and more.


  • Posting a job is entirely free of charge.
  • CalJOBS offers plenty of useful information for employers, including industry data and labor market information.
  • The site affords employers unlimited access to candidate resumes.
  • There is a job management tool that allows employers to easily manage multiple job listings.
  • The platform offers training videos and educational services for job seekers, bringing in a large talent pool for employers to reach out to.


  • Job seekers tend to doubt the legitimacy of advertised positions as most jobs stay vacant for months or years on end, while plenty of advertised jobs are from staffing services.
  • Employers need to submit their Employment Development Department (EDD) account number in order to create an account.
  • Job seekers are required to submit their Social Security numbers in order to use the platform, which is a deal-breaker for plenty of workers. This results in a smaller talent pool to advertise to.
  • The website has a clunky and outdated user interface.
  • There is no mention of advanced features like employer branding or customization options.


CalJOBS has no Better Business Bureau rating and we were unable to find reviews from mainstream online reviewers. Users of the CalJOBS app have complained about the app being buggy and unreliable.

How to Post a Job on CalJOBS:

$0.00 USD
15 Minutes
How to Post a Job on CalJOBS:

Four easy steps for posting a job on CalJOBS.


Posting a job on CalJOBS.


Go to caljobs.ca.gov.

Go to caljobs.ca.gov.

Navigate to the CalJOBS home page and select "More Employer Services" beneath the "Employers" heading toward the middle of the page.


Click on "Post Today!"

Click on "Post Today!"

Select the "Post Today!" button in the first image in the services preview section.

Click on "OK" in the pop-up window to sign in or register an account.


Select "Employer Registration."

Select "Employer Registration."

Sign in if you already have an account. If not, scroll down to the section that says "Option 3 - Create a User Account" and click on the "Employer Registration" button.


Enter your details.

Enter your details.

Submit your Employment Development Department (EDD) account number in order to create an account and continue.

Once you've created an account, follow the prompts to create a job post and publish it.

CalJOBS vs. JobsInSantaAna.com:

While CalJOBS offers a free recruiting service, JobsInSantaAna.com offers a number of job posting packages. Posting a single job on JobsInSantaAna.com for a month costs $275.00, while their Local Recruiting Subscription costs $1,750.00. Go with CalJOBS if on a budget, as JobsInSantaAna.com offers better value for money.

CalJOBS vs. CaliforniaJobNetwork.com:

CaliforniaJobNetwork.com is a paid service and CalJOBS is free, but that doesn't make CalJOBS the outright winner. The free service is a stripped-down, basic recruiter platform with limited features, while CaliforniaJobNetwork.com offers advanced recruiter features, such as branding and customization options.

CalJOBS vs. California Physicians Alliance (CaPA):

CaPA has two pricing options: it costs $180.00 for a single job posting and $1,200.00 for an unlimited annual job posting package. Both of these are costlier than CalJOBS' free job posting service. However, CaPA is a specialized job board for healthcare professionals, making it the better choice for medical hires.

Key Information

Legal Name



State of California


Sacramento, CA 95814


1 (800) 758-0398



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What does CalJOBS stand for?

CalJOBS stands for California Jobs and is the career service wing of the state of California.

What does it cost to post a job on CalJOBS?

CalJOBS is entirely free of charge.

How do I contact CalJOBS?

Call CalJOBS on 1 (800) 758-0398. Their working hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Monday to Friday.

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