Group Leader Interview Quesions

Group Leader Interview Questions

July 17th, 2020

Sometimes called Team Leaders, Group Leaders use a range of skills to manage, coordinate, supervise, train, and instruct groups. Their daily duties and required skills may vary depending on the field they find themselves in, but they are typically charismatic individuals who can handle a wide variety of responsibilities.

When interviewing Group Leaders, look for candidates who seem trustworthy, responsible, and impartial. Avoid candidates who feel overwhelmed when faced with challenges and take a rigid approach to leadership.

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Interview Questions for Group Leaders:

1. What do you think are the three essential qualities that make a good leader?

Examines understanding of the role and overall suitability for the position.

2. Can you describe your experience as a leader?

Reveals level of expertise and may also reveal potential strengths and weaknesses.

3. A few group members are not pulling their weight. How do you remedy this?

Tests communication skills and also the ability to function under pressure.

4. [Outline hypothetical project or group activity.] How would you go about coordinating a group for this task?

Illustrates planning and organizational skills.

5. Describe a time you made a mistake as a leader. What did you learn?

Reveals level of integrity and willingness to learn from past mistakes.

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