Food Expeditor Interview Questions

Food Expeditor Interview Questions

September 28th, 2020

Food expeditors set the pace and flow of restaurant kitchens. They maintain communication between the waitstaff and kitchen staff and ensure that all dishes are completed on time. Food expeditors assist all staff members where needed and work to maintain customer satisfaction.

When interviewing food expeditors, look for candidates who demonstrate experience in food services and who have excellent communication skills. Be wary of candidates who lack leadership qualities and the ability to handle stressful situations.

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Interview Questions for Food Expeditors:

1. What would you say is the most important skill for a food expeditor to have?

Illustrates the candidate's understanding of the role and its requirements.

2. What would you do if a chef consistently sent out subpar food?

Demonstrates the candidate's leadership and problem-solving skills.

3. Can you describe an emergency situation that you successfully handled?

Showcases the candidate's past work history and their ability to handle stressful situations.

4. How would you approach and calm an angry customer?

Indicates the candidate's customer service and communication skills.

5. What are some typical health and safety issues you may find in the kitchen?

Demonstrates the candidate's understanding of restaurant health and safety regulations.

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