Food Preparation Worker Interview Questions

Food Preparation Worker

May 16th, 2019

A Food Preparation Worker assists kitchen workers, such as chefs and cooks by preparing ingredients and by performing other routine food preparation duties. Ideal candidates are dexterous, energetic and resilient to stress. Avoid lethargic, clumsy candidates.

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Food Preparation Worker Interview Questions

1. How do you consider the needs of customers with common, severe food allergies when performing your duties?

The potential hire needs to display knowledge of preparing food in a way that protects customers, for instance by handling peanuts and shellfish with caution.

2. What is your understanding of cross-contamination?

The candidate needs to demonstrate proficient knowledge of food handling in a manner that prevents foodborne illness.

3. How do you maintain optimal stock levels during a shift?

Listen carefully. The candidate needs to display the ability to maintain adequate stock levels for customer needs without over-preparing and causing wastage.

4. Can you remain calm and operate in a high-stress environment, and why would you say so?

The potential hire needs to illustrate the ability to perform in a stressful environment, as commercial kitchens are fast-paced, dynamic and unpredictable.

5. What was your worst shift ever, and how did you deal with it?

The candidate's answer will demonstrate their ability to perform despite challenges such as equipment failure, delivery issues, product deficiency and absenteeism.

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