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Dallas Design District


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The Dallas Design District offers a dedicated website that includes a job board and directory to help connect employers with potential job seekers. Created for local vendors to showcase events and their offerings, the platform includes a comprehensive resume database to help employers speed up the hiring process.

While the Dallas Design District website is great for exposure, the platform is missing a host of standard features, including employer branding and social media promotion.


  • The Dallas Design District's job board offers a targeted approach to hiring local candidates interested in the neighborhood.
  • Employers can browse through a resume database to find candidates faster.
  • To help build exposure, employers can advertise their events on the Dallas Design District's website.
  • Once employers have registered their business, they can create and update their business profile.


  • The platform is missing both standard and robust features, including an applicant tracking system and job analytics.
  • The Dallas Design District's website is primarily used to advertise local artists and news.
  • Compared to traditional job boards like Indeed, the platform lacks the same level of visibility.


We were unable to find online reviews of the Dallas Design District's job board.


The Dallas Design District does not list its prices for job posting on its website. Interested employers can contact the Dallas Design District for a quote.

How to Post a Job on Dallas Design District:

$0.00 USD
10 Minutes
How to Post a Job on Dallas Design District:

Four easy steps for posting a job on Dallas Design District.


Posting a job on Dallas Design District.


Go to the Dallas Design District home page.

Go to the Dallas Design District home page.

On the home page, click on "Job Board" in the main menu.


Click on "POST JOB / RESUME."

Click on "POST JOB / RESUME."

Scroll down to the heading "Post Your Job or Resume" and either click on the header or on "POST JOB / RESUME."


Complete the Business Registration form.

Complete the Business Registration form.

Scroll down to the "Register" heading and click on "Business." On the following page, complete the "Business Registration" form and click on "REGISTER" when you're ready to submit.


Post your job ad.

Post your job ad.

Once you've registered your business, log in to your Business Profile and click on "Job Posts" in the right-hand menu.

Click on "Create a New Job Post."

Fill out the information and publish your job posting.

Dallas Design District vs. JobsInDallas.com:

While Dallas Design District does not list its pricing on its website, JobsInDallas.com stands out as the more costly option, with its entry-level plan starting at $275.00 per post. That said, for a more targeted approach, Dallas Design District is the more appropriate choice, but JobsInDallas.com does offer more traditional job board features.

Dallas Design District vs. WorkInTexas.com:

WorkInTexas.com offers local employers a free platform to promote their vacancies across Texas, while Dallas Design District primarily focuses on job openings in the Dallas region. Additionally, WorkInTexas.com does include features missing from Dallas Design District's job board, including social media integration and applicant tracking.

Dallas Design District vs. HireUTexas:

Both Dallas Design District and HireUTexas offer different targeted hiring approaches. While Dallas Design District targets those looking to advertise vacancies in the popular Design District, HireUTexas is great for employers looking to advertise internships and graduating students in the Texas region. HireUTexas also offers free posting.

Key Information

Legal Name

Dallas Design District

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1950


1025 N. Stemmons, Ste. 600M, Dallas, TX 75207




1 (214) 698-1300




What is the Dallas Design District?

The Dallas Design District offers a job board to help bring together employers and job seekers located in Dallas, Texas. Jobs advertised on the platform include those in management, food service, and finance.

How do I post a job ad on Dallas Design District?

To post a job ad on the Dallas Design District's website, you must be a registered business that operates in the Design District. To register an account, navigate to the Dallas Design District's Business Registration form. Once you've registered, you'll be able to post a job on the website.

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