Custodian Interview Questions


May 16th, 2019

A Custodian works for institutions such as schools, universities and hospitals to clean and maintain their buildings. Ideal candidates are positive, physically agile and organized. Avoid lethargic, clumsy candidates.

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Custodian Interview Questions

1. How would you keep our windows clean?

Listen carefully. The potential hire needs to display knowledge of appropriate cleaning agents and equipment to clean your windows. They also need to display knowledge of how often to perform window cleaning.

2. How would you keep our buildings free from rust and mildew?

The potential hire's answer will give you further insight into their ability to maintain your buildings, and their knowledge of appropriate materials, methods and equipment.

3. How have you managed to work smart but not hard in past experience?

The candidate's answer will demonstrate their knowledge of ergonomics, which will save time and prevent their proneness to work-related exhaustion and injuries.

4. What are the detrimental effects of cracks in walls and how would you fix these?

The candidate's answer will show their knowledge of the negative effects of these issues, and their ability to rectify them.

5. How would you keep our buildings free from indoor pests?

The candidate's answer will demonstrate their ability to keep your building free from this problem.

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