Church Custodian Interview Questions

Church Custodian Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Church Custodians, or Janitors, clean and handle basic repairs for churches. Successful candidates will be thorough, observant, and respectful. Avoid candidates who lack shop skills or self-motivation.

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Interview Questions for Church Custodians

1. Describe your experience with cleaning, performing repairs, and plumbing and electrical work.

Demonstrates necessary skills.

2. How would you approach working in a religious environment?

Conveys candidate’s respect for the setting.

3. What do you expect to do on a daily basis? What other duties do you expect to perform?

Reveal candidate’s job expectations.

4. Are you comfortable working with dangerous chemicals, like ammonia? How would you do it?

Demonstrates job knowledge and comfort level.

5. Have you ever helped set up and break down for a major event? Describe your role.

Shows experience with event planning and clean up.

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