Employers from nonprofit organizations can post a job ad for free on the cityCURRENT Job Board.


The cityCURRENT Job Board is a standard job board that advertises job positions within Tennessee's nonprofit sector. Hosted by cityCURRENT, an online community funded by local employers and investors, the platform is easy to access and job postings are entirely free.


  • The platform is hosted and partnered with reputable companies, including Kroger, Lipscomb University, and Monogram Foods.
  • Employers can link their social media platforms to each job posting.
  • The website allows employers to list current events, including career fairs.
  • All job postings are free for nonprofit employers.
  • Employers gain access to a simple platform that targets the community of Tennessee and beyond.


  • The platform is limited in information about job posting features.
  • The cityCURRENT Job Board does not mention social media sharing, employer branding, or job ad distribution.
  • Only employers from nonprofit organizations can post jobs on cityCURRENT Jobs.
  • There are no applicant tracking features available.


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How to Post a Job on cityCURRENT Job Board:

$0.00 USD
10 Minutes
How to Post a Job on cityCURRENT Job Board:

Three easy steps for posting a job on the cityCURRENT Job Board.


Posting a job on the cityCURRENT Job Board.

Navigate to cityCURRENT's job board.

Go to cityCURRENT's home page and hover over "About" in the main menu until a drop-down menu appears. From the drop-down menu, click on "Job Board."

Next, read through the brief job posting information and click on "here" in the text that reads, "Submit your open positions here."


Provide your contact details.

Provide your contact details.

Add your company details, including your company name and a short company bio, in the allocated fields. Then, scroll down to the "Position Title" section.


Add the position's details.

Add the position's details.

Under the "Position Details" heading, you'll find three prompts that cover the position's title, description, and any file uploads. Complete the prompts and when you're ready to proceed, click on "Submit."

cityCURRENT Job Board vs. JOBS4TN:

The cityCURRENT Job Board and JOBS4TN are similar in pricing and reach, with both competitors offering free job postings and exposure throughout Tennessee. However, unlike JOBS4TN, the cityCURRENT Job Board is missing some key features, including resume database and employer dashboard access — features included in JOBS4TN's plans.

cityCURRENT Job Board vs. Latino Memphis Job Board:

The Latino Memphis Job Board and the cityCURRENT Job Board are both free job posting sites with reach in Memphis, Tennessee. However, that's where their similarities end. With the cityCURRENT Job Board, employers enjoy statewide exposure, while Latino Memphis focuses on the Hispanic community in Memphis city, giving the latter a more targeted hiring approach.

cityCURRENT Job Board vs. Choose901:

Choose901 is a free job posting site that lists vacancies throughout Tennessee, sharing similar local exposure and costs with the cityCURRENT Job Board. That said, while Choose901 allows any employer to post a vacancy, the cityCURRENT Job Board restricts its service to employers based in the nonprofit sector.

Key Information

Legal Name



Johnny Pitts

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2005


Memphis, Tennessee



1 (901) 321-1000



What is cityCURRENT Job Board?

The cityCURRENT Job Board is a job board that forms part of the cityCURRENT community, which aims to uplift and showcase Tennessee's nonprofit and business sectors.

How much does it cost to post a job on the cityCURRENT Job Board?

It's free to post a job vacancy on the cityCURRENT Job Board for nonprofit organizations.

What are some alternatives to the cityCURRENT Job Board?

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