Choir Director Interview Questions

Choir Director Interview Questions

October 9th, 2019

Also known as Choral Directors, Choir Directors direct the vocal and instrumental performances of choirs. They ensure that choir members attend rehearsals, teach voice control techniques, and select suitable musical pieces to be performed by choir members.

When interviewing Choir Directors, the most suitable candidate will demonstrate enthusiasm, sound musical knowledge, and a passion for music. Be wary of candidates who have low energy as well as poor communication, organizational, and leadership skills.

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Interview Questions for Choir Directors:

1. How would you address a choir member who was constantly late for choir rehearsals?

Demonstrates the candidate's communication and leadership skills.

2. What factors should you consider when creating choir formations?

Demonstrates the candidate's industry knowledge, creativity, and experience.

3. What would you do if an entire choir did not approve of a musical piece that you had selected?

Demonstrates the candidate's communication and problem-solving skills.

4. What would you do if a soloist called in sick on the day of a performance?

Demonstrates the candidate's problem-solving skills and experience.

5. How would you deal with jealousy or animosity among choir members?

Demonstrates the candidate's communication and conflict resolution skills, as well as experience.

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