Composer Interview Questions

Composer Interview Questions

October 3rd, 2019

Composers create music for different genres and purposes. They may compose original scores or arrangements for live performances, film, television, or video games. Composers can work in different industries and typically have a strong background in music theory. They are usually able to play a range of instruments.

When interviewing Composers, the best candidates will have a good musical ear and excellent creative intelligence. Be wary of candidates who are afraid to experiment and have few original ideas.

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Interview Questions for Composers:

1. What is your favorite musical composition? What makes it so good?

Tests musical knowledge and ability to identify a great composition.

2. What would you consider the most challenging aspect of composing music?

Reveals skill and experience level, and also highlights potential weaknesses.

3. Describe a time when a musician or director disagreed with you. What happened?

Tests problem-solving skills, conflict resolution, as well as the ability to remain professional.

4. Can you explain how you might compose a new piece of work?

Reveals more about the candidate’s composition process, their planning and organizational skills, as well as their time management abilities.

5. Your composition is poorly received and has to be revised. What do you do?

Tests resilience, willingness to learn, and the ability to remain professional in the face of rejection.

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