Music Teacher Interview Questions

Music Teacher Interview Questions

August 7th, 2019

Music Teachers teach General Music as part of the school curriculum program as well as Advanced Music to students who choose Music as an exam subject. They teach all aspects of singing, musical instruments, theory, and practicals, and prepare students to participate in school concerts and other planned music events.

When interviewing Music Teachers, the most suitable candidate will demonstrate a compelling personality with a passion for music that inspires and motivates students to grow in appreciation of the subject. Be wary of candidates who lack interpersonal skills, possess low energy and confidence to motivate and inspire students.

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Interview Questions for Music Teachers:

1. Why do you consider yourself to be best suited for this job?

Demonstrates the candidate's job knowledge, experience, and communication skills.

2. How do you plan to inspire and motivate students?

Demonstrates the candidate’s passion for music.

3. What programs do you plan to use to create an exciting learning environment?

Highlights the candidate’s experience and skills.

4. How will you assist a student who struggles with singing in tune?

Demonstrates the candidate’s work experience and knowledge.

5. Planning a school concert is no easy feat. How do you plan to achieve this objective successfully?

Tests the candidate’s expertise, ability, and organizational skills.

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