Camp Director Interview Questions

Camp Director Interview Questions

May 13th, 2020

Camp Directors develop camp curricula and perform administrative duties at summer camps and day camps. They evaluate camp requirements, develop and plan activities, and supervise camp staff. Their duties include managing expenses and ensuring the safety and wellbeing of campers.

When interviewing Camp Directors, first-class candidates will possess experience in planning and implementing camp curricula and the ability to modify activities when required. Avoid candidates who lack leadership ability and those with limited experience as Camp Directors.

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Interview Questions for Camp Directors:

1. Can you describe your steps for developing camp activities?

Demonstrates the candidate's knowledge and reveals whether the description aligns with requirements.

2. Unexpected rain interferes with a scheduled outdoor activity. What do you do?

Assesses the candidate's problem-solving skills and their ability to plan for unforeseen circumstances.

3. How do you ensure that campers get quality meals whilst remaining within budget?

Evaluates the candidate's experience in managing expenses and reveals whether they make suitable meal choices.

4. A camper experiences breathing difficulties after a bee sting. How do you react?

Reveals the candidate's knowledge of medical emergencies that need urgent intervention, as well as whether they maintain a suitably stocked first-aid kit.

5. Campers report that personal items are disappearing. How do you respond?

Tests the candidate's problem-solving and communication skills, and reveals whether they propose appropriate steps.

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