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NSPE Career Center


From US$295.00 /post for members and US$495.00 /post for nonmembers.

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Bulk discounts

Resume database

Job board syndication

Social media promotion

Customer support

Phone and email.


In total, more than 400 employers use NSPE Career Center to hire engineers, with more than 500 listings on the job board, making it a popular choice for finding engineers. Companies enjoy a niche hub of engineering talent to target, a range of price points for businesses of different sizes, and advanced recruiting tools for effective hiring.

The majority of NSPE's users come from the U.S., with Malaysia and Bangladesh coming in second and third. Canada accounts for less than 2% of the site's web traffic. This is reflected in the low number of jobs currently listed by Canadian businesses.


  • More than 7,000 job seekers visit the job board each month.
  • There are currently more than 500 jobs listed on the job board, indicating popularity with companies.
  • The job board attracts niche engineering specialists who may not frequent general job posting sites.
  • A searchable resume database hosts more than 6,000 candidate resumes.
  • Applicant tracking tools help streamline the hiring process.
  • Vacancies get distributed to other job boards for greater reach.
  • There is a wide range of price packages to suit all kinds of hiring budgets and company sizes.
  • There are various discounts for bulk job postings.
  • Employers can enhance job post visibility by purchasing upgrades.
  • Companies can pay extra to have their job posts shared on the NSPE Twitter account.


  • Pricing is not advertised in Canadian dollars.
  • The website is not available in French.
  • There is no direct line for Canadian companies nor is there a Canadian office.
  • There are currently only four jobs targeted at Canadian engineers, indicating a lack of popularity with Canadian employers.
  • There are no free job posting options.
  • The CCWESTT Career Board and Careerin Tech Job board are more affordable alternatives.


The National Society of Professional Engineers is a respected organization with over 26,000 members, but we were unable to find reviews for their job board.



Member Pricing

Nonmember Pricing

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Three 30-Day Network Job Postings



Annual Posting Package



Add on: CareerWire

From US$75.00

From US$75.00

Add on: Featured Jobs

From US$125.00

From US$225.00

Add on: Job Posting Videos

From US$200.00

From US$200.00

Add on: Programmatic Ads

From US$350.00

From US$350.00

Add on: Social Recruiting

From US$125.00

From US$125.00

How to Post a Job on NSPE Career Center:

$295.00 USD
10 Minutes
How to Post a Job on NSPE Career Center:

Nine easy steps for posting a job on NSPE Career Center.


Posting a job on NSPE Career Center.


Go to the NSPE home page.

Go to the NSPE home page.

Navigate to nspe.org. Under the "Job Board" section to the right of the page, click on "Post a Job."


Choose a package.

Choose a package.

Scroll down the page and read through each job posting package. Choose one that meets your budget and hiring needs and click on "POST NOW" beneath your desired choice.


Create an acount.

Create an acount.

Click on the "New Users Sign Up" button beneath the text fields.


Fill in the employer registration form.

Fill in the employer registration form.

Add your details in the relevant sections and click on the "SAVE & CONTINUE" button at the bottom of the form.


Click on "Post Jobs."

Click on "Post Jobs."

Click on the downwards facing arrow next to the "Post Jobs" button, then click on "Post Jobs" from the drop-down menu.


Create your job post.

Create your job post.

Add your job details in the relevant sections below and click on the "PREVIEW JOB" button at the bottom of the page. Click on "Proceed To Checkout" on the next page to continue.


Confirm your job posting package.

Confirm your job posting package.

Make the same selection you made initially by ticking the box next to the package you want. Click on the "CONTINUE" button to proceed.


Choose a posting enhancement (optional).

Choose a posting enhancement (optional).

Read through each promotion to determine if it might be valuable to you. Tick the box next to your selection and click on the "CONTINUE TO PAYMENT" button, or leave the boxes unticked to skip this step.


Pay for your job post.

Pay for your job post.

Confirm the details of your order and add your payment details. Click on the "Pay With Credit Card" button to finalize the payment and complete the process.

NSPE Career Center vs. EngineeringCareers.ca:

Both EngineeringCareers.ca and NSPE Career Center offer a wide range of price points, bulk job posting discounts, and a searchable candidate resume database, but NSPE has applicant tracking tools while its rival does not. NSPE is also the costlier option and is not as popular with Canadian employers as EngineeringCareers.ca is.

NSPE Career Center vs. Canadian Coalition of Women in Engineering, Science, Trades, and Technology (CCWESTT) Career Board:

While NSPE Career Center caters to all engineers, the CCWESTT Career Board is a specialist job board for women in engineering. It makes a great option for targeted hiring of women, and its free and paid job posting options appeal to companies of all sizes. Both platforms offer discounts on bulk job postings, but the CCWESTT Career Board is the better option when hiring in Canada.

NSPE Career Center vs. Careerin Tech Job Board:

Careerin Tech is a tech job board that includes engineering roles, while NSPE Career Center is a specialist engineering job board with more niche engineering positions. Most of Careerin Tech's engineering jobs relate to software. Careerin Tech is significantly more affordable than NSPE and is more popular with Canadian companies.

Key Information

Legal Name

The National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE)


David B. Steinman

Founding Date

Sep 03, 1934


1420 King St., Alexandria, VA 22314 USA








What does it cost to post a job on NSPE Career Center?

NSPE's pricing ranges from US$295.00 per post to US$5,000.00 for members, and US$495.00 per post to US$5,000.00 for nonmembers.

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