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Based in Montréal, Quebec, HEC Montréal is a French-language university that offers a range of degrees and programs in business management. Their job board lets employers advertise work opportunities for both English and French-speaking students as well as graduates of the university.

The institute is a pioneer in management science research that continuously pushes the boundaries, placing the institution at the forefront of the latest management practices. This knowledge gained by graduates will be beneficial for employers who are looking to recruit potential employees from the institution.


  • Employers can post internships and job opportunities on the job site.
  • The website is available in English and French.
  • Employers have access to over 30,000 management students from undergraduate to MBA level.
  • Employers can add branding, social media, and video links to their job adverts.
  • HEC Montréal hosts on-campus events such as pre-recruitment sessions, career days, and a job fair where employers can meet potential employees.
  • The institution facilitates introductions between students and employers through its off-campus recruitment service.
  • Featured jobs are visible on the home page of the student portal.
  • Job alerts are emailed to potential candidates
  • Employers have access to the latest research on management practices through consultations and supervised student projects.
  • Although a predominantly French-speaking university, classes can be given in other languages with the help of interpreters, thereby widening the pool of talent available to employers.
  • HEC Montréal is accredited with the AACSB International, EQUIS, and AMBA, which places the school and its students amongst the best in the world.


  • The job seekers network is limited to students and alumni who have graduated from HEC Montréal less than two years ago.
  • The job posting platform is only available to students, alumni, and registered employers.


Although we were unable to find user reviews of the HEC Montréal job board, ratings show that the university is ranked as one of the top business schools in the world.

How to Post a Job on HEC Montréal:

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15 Minutes
How to Post a Job on HEC Montréal:

Five easy steps to post a job on HEC Montréal.


Posting a Job on HEC Montréal.


Visit the HEC Montréal home page.

Visit the HEC Montréal home page.

Navigate to the HEC Montréal home page and choose between the English and the French version. In the top right-hand corner, click on "BUSINESSES."




Click on "Post a job offer" under "RECRUIT STUDENTS OR GRADUATES."


Scroll down to the "FIRST TIME HERE?" section.

Scroll down to the "FIRST TIME HERE?" section.



Complete the registration form.

Complete the registration form.

Complete the registration form by filling in your business information, personal details, and billing information.

Create a username and password.

Select your preferences (i.e., job posting, career days, job fairs, etc.).

Select Yes or No to subscribe to the Express Recruiter e-newsletter.

Select Yes or No to receive further information on other services offered by the university.

Click "To pursue" when you are satisfied. You will receive confirmation of your registration within one working day.


Create a job post.

Create a job post.

After you have received confirmation of your registration, you will be able to post a vacancy on the job board.

You will receive confirmation that your job posting has been published within 48 hours.

To open the posting section, log in by entering the user code and password you entered when registering.

Once in the portal, click on the “Job offers” button.

Create an internship or job offer by filling in the required information.

Click on "Save the job posting."

HEC Montréal vs. CFA Montréal:

While HEC Montréal is a business school offering MBAs and finance and management degrees, CFA Montréal is only aimed at candidates working as financial analysts. HEC Montréal is a recruitment site for job seekers from across the globe, while CFA Montréal is only aimed at job seekers from the Montréal area.

HEC Montréal vs. Talent Montréal:

Unlike HEC Montréal that is only aimed at recruitment in the Montréal area, Talent Montréal is a recruitment platform that connects employers with international job seekers. While Talent Montréal helps employers recruit qualified foreign workers in all fields, HEC Montréal only allows the advertising of business-related vacancies.

HEC Montréal vs. YES:

YES Montreal is a nonprofit organization, while HEC Montréal is a for-profit business school with a job board where employers can find students and recent graduates in search of employment. Opposed to this YES allows employers in search of young job seekers, entrepreneurs, and artists to post jobs on its job site.

Key Information

Legal Name

HEC Montréal

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1907


3000 Côte-Sainte-Catherine Rd., Montréal, QC, H3T 2A7








What is HEC Montréal?

HEC Montréal is a training institution that offers business management courses and degrees in Montréal, Quebec. The university offers a job board where employers can post their vacancies.

What does it cost to post a job on HEC Montréal?

Employers can post internships and jobs for free. However, there are also paid options available to boost the visibility of job ads.

How do I create an account on HEC Montréal?

  1. Navigate to the home page and click "BUSINESSES" in the menu bar.
  2. Scroll down to "RECRUIT STUDENTS OR GRADUATES" and click "Post a job offer."
  3. Click on the "CREATE AN EMPLOYER ACCOUNT" button.
  4. Follow the instructions and complete the form. You will receive feedback from HEC Montréal within 24 hours to notify you if your account has been approved.

How do you delete a job post on HEC Montréal?

The website does not provide any information on deleting a job post from its job board. For more information, send an email to sgc@hec.ca.

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