Busser Interview Questions

Busser Interview Questions

November 3rd, 2020

Bussers, also called restaurant bussers, provide support to restaurants and service staff by clearing and cleaning tables, restocking restaurant supplies, and ensuring that the restaurant is prepped and cleaned for service. They may also perform server duties when necessary.

When interviewing bussers, strong candidates will demonstrate good communication skills and a keen eye for detail. Be wary of candidates who lack good customer service skills or are unable to keep up in a fast-paced environment.

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Interview Questions for Bussers:

1. What skills and personality traits would make you suitable for this role?

Assesses the candidate's attitude and aptitude.

2. How would you keep track of your tables during busy services?

Explores the candidate's organizational skills.

3. How would you assist a customer who was dissatisfied with the food?

Examines the candidate's interpersonal and communication abilities.

4. How would you ensure that you are able to physically keep up with a busy service?

Evaluates the candidate's physical stamina and time management skills.

5. How would you remain calm and focused during a stressful service?

Reveals the candidate's composure and ability to work under pressure.

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