Author Job Description

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February 24th, 2020

An Author develops original written content for mediums such as advertisements, books, magazines, movies, and television scripts. They also create new ideas for content.

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Author Job Description Template

We are looking for an Author to develop creative stories. The responsibilities of an Author include writing original stories for novels, plays, television scripts, and movies. Authors also write journals, develop story elements, and rewrite and revise pieces written by other writers.

To be successful as an Author, you should demonstrate excellent writing and grammatical skills, creativity, and strong self-motivation. Ultimately, a top-notch Author should have good time management skills, solid knowledge of story elements, and sharp editing skills.

Author Responsibilities:

  • Developing story elements (characters, plot, theme, dialogue, and style).
  • Developing creative ideas for stories.
  • Editing pieces from other writers.
  • Conducting research to include factual information in stories.
  • Presenting drafts for editing in a timely manner.

Author Requirements:

  • Bachelors degree.
  • Previous experience as a writer.
  • Strong writing and editing skills.
  • Able to manage time efficiently.
  • Creative and inquisitive nature.

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