Wine Jobs Online

Starting price

NZ$235.00 +GST /post.

Job post duration

Up to 3 months.

International distribution

Bulk posting discounts


Highlighted posts

Social media promotion

Candidate matching tools


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Wine Jobs Online is considered to be one of the premier wine industry job boards in New Zealand. While Australian employers can post local jobs and highlight listings, the job board has limited reach and may not offer the same value as a local alternative.


  • Wine Jobs Online offers multiple posting options for different hiring needs.
  • Employers can post positions in the southern and northern hemispheres.
  • The company claims to have over 30,000 followers on social media.
  • Certain plans include a company logo and website link.
  • Job posts are distributed on social media.
  • Employers can have their posts highlighted for increased exposure.
  • Certain plans include direct marketing to wine professionals.


  • While employers can post jobs internationally, the majority of job seekers are based in New Zealand.
  • The platform is missing candidate matching and applicant tracking tools.
  • To advertise jobs in Australia, employers must purchase the NZ and Southern Hemisphere plan.


While we were unable to find reviews of Wine Jobs Online, the website features a selection of hand-picked testimonials from satisfied customers.




Text Only Ad

NZ$235.00 +GST /post.

Logo Ad

NZ$325.00 +GST /post.

NZ and Southern Hemisphere*

From NZ$435.00 +GST /post.

Northern Hemisphere

NZ$650.00 +GST /post.

Top Spot Harvest

NZ$1,535.00 +GST /post.

*Extended posts are available.

Wine Jobs Online vs.

Where Wine Jobs Online is based in New Zealand, is an Australian Job Board but both platforms list jobs internationally. Wine Jobs Online's pricing starts at NZ$235.00 +GST per post, while charges upwards of A$350.00 +GST per post. Of the two, only offers resume access.

Wine Jobs Online vs. Wine Jobs Australia:

Wine Jobs Australia is a niche wine and hospitality job board exclusively for Australian employers and job seekers. Wine Jobs Online is based in New Zealand but allows for international postings. Wine Jobs Australia charges A$199.00 for a six-month post, while Wine Jobs online's pricing starts at NZ$235.00 +GST per post.

Wine Jobs Online vs. Premium Sommelier Job Portal:

Premium Sommelier Job Portal is an international job board for the wine industry with pricing starting at €265.00 per post and free apprenticeship postings. Wine Jobs Online is based in New Zealand but also lists jobs in Australia. Both platforms offer highlighted listings, 12-week posts, social media promotion, and employer branding.

Key Information

Legal Name

Trade Media Ltd

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2004


300 Richmond Rd., Grey Lynn, Auckland, New Zealand 1151



+64 9 838 1455



What does it cost to post a job on Wine Jobs Online?

Wine Jobs Online's pricing starts at NZ$235.00 +GST per post for a text-only ad.

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