Video Journalist Job Description

Video Journalist Job Description

August 11th, 2020

Also known as a journalist, a video journalist is responsible for creating video content in its entirety by filming, editing, and posting their work online. Video journalists must perform research on a given topic and source individuals to interview when necessary.

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Video Journalist Job Description Template

We are looking for a creative and charismatic video journalist to create exciting content for our viewers. The video journalist is responsible for researching content, finding people to interview, recording footage, and editing footage.

To be successful as a video journalist you must be outgoing and stay up to date with current events. A top-notch video journalist brings a unique perspective to each video while maintaining a level of objectivity.

Video Journalist Responsibilities:

  • Performing research for each video.
  • Finding relevant people to interview when necessary.
  • Recording footage that has excellent sound and video quality.
  • Editing footage after it has been recorded to include transitions and text where necessary.
  • Uploading content to a system or website.
  • Staying informed about current events.
  • Keeping abreast of the latest editing software and recording equipment.

Video Journalist Requirements:

  • A degree in communication, media, or another relevant field.
  • Possession of your own recording equipment like a camera and microphone.
  • Industry experience with content creation, videography, presenting, and/or editing videos.
  • Experience with video editing software.
  • Strong internet connection for uploading content.
  • Excellent verbal communication skills.

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