Video Journalist Interview Questions

Video Journalist Interview Questions

August 11th, 2020

A video journalist creates content by recording themselves to present factual information and news stories. Video journalists perform research to present well-rounded content to an online audience.

When interviewing video journalists, the ideal candidate should be charismatic and well-read. Be wary of candidates with no practical editing or recording skills.

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Interview Questions for Video Journalists:

1. How do you allocate time for a video?

Shows the candidate's ability to create a realistic schedule for all the tasks they need to complete.

2. How do you typically structure your videos?

Reveals if the candidate can structure a video in a way that makes sense and appeals to a wide audience.

3. Which sources do you go to when performing research?

Tests the candidate's ability to use credible sources for research.

4. Which software do you use to edit videos?

Shows the candidate's industry experience with editing tools.

5. Can you describe the equipment you currently use?

Tests if the candidate's equipment is up to the business's standards.

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