Veterinary Technician Interview Questions

Veterinary Technician

May 16th, 2019

A Veterinary Technician supports other veterinary staff by drawing patients' blood, administering medications and assisting with performing medical procedures. Top applicants are knowledgeable, detail-oriented and focused. Avoid careless, confused candidates.

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Veterinary Technician Interview Questions

1. How do you cope with putting a lot of energy into assisting patients, knowing they have relatively short life lifespans?

At times Veterinary Techs put in a large amount of resources to assist patients, and become fond of them. The applicant will display their ability to deal with the emotional challenges of the position in this question.

2. Could you explain the diagnostic process and treatment options for retinal detachment in cats as you would to a client?

The prospective hire's answer will display their technical abilities as a Veterinary Technician. Listen carefully for the applicant to communicate medical terms clearly, which is important when a Veterinary Technician interacts with clients.

3. How do you effectively draw blood samples from combative patients?

The prospective hire's answer will show their patient skills.

4. How would you educate clients on providing comfort care for terminally ill patients?

Providing comfort care for a terminally ill patient is challenging for clients. The applicant's answer will demonstrate their ability to educate and counsel clients effectively.

5. Are you meticulous, and why would you say so?

The potential hire needs to convince you of this ability in their answer, as small errors as a Veterinary Technician could mean the difference between life and death.

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