Trailer Mechanic Interview Questions

Trailer Mechanic Interview Questions

September 10th, 2020

Trailer mechanics are responsible for servicing and maintaining trailers, semi-trucks, and other large hauling vehicles. They ensure that the vehicles are roadworthy and in excellent mechanical condition.

When interviewing trailer mechanics, the most suitable candidates should display a sound knowledge of trailer systems and components, as well as familiarity with road safety regulations. Be wary of candidates with poor communication skills and those who do not understand training manuals and other technical guidelines.

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Interview Questions for Trailer Mechanics:

1. Can you describe how you would disassemble a trailer's engine?

Highlights the candidate's work experience and their preferred methods.

2. How do you go about prioritizing your daily workload?

Assesses the candidate's ability to adhere to daily schedules and work fast and efficiently.

3. Can you describe how you would troubleshoot faulty brakes on a trailer?

Demonstrates the candidate's diagnostic skills and their experience with troubleshooting.

4. What would you consider your greatest strength as a trailer mechanic?

Evaluates the candidate's strengths and self-awareness, as well as their critical thinking skills.

5. What safety protocols do you observe when you service a trailer?

Indicates the candidate's experience with and knowledge of the U.S. Department of Transportation's road safety requirements.

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