Mechanic Interview Questions

Mechanic Interview Questions

Mechanics diagnose, maintain and conduct maintenance on vehicles. Their duties include monitoring inventory, performing vehicle assessments, and overseeing diagnostic tests. Depending on their skill set and knowledge, a mechanic can also afford to work privately.

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Mechanic Interview Questions:

1. How would you handle a hostile client?

Tests the candidate’s interpersonal skills.

2. If a client is disappointed in their service, how would you ensure they leave satisfied?

Highlights the candidate’s communication and customer service skills.

3. How do you change a transmission?

Reveals the candidate’s knowledge of vehicles and mechanical systems.

4. Can you explain how you test vehicles, components, and systems?

Tests the candidate’s knowledge of vehicle diagnostic equipment and methods.

5. What was the toughest vehicle repair you’ve worked on? What happened?

Shows the candidate’s experience and ability to problem-solve.

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