Swimming Coach Interview Questions

Swimming Coach Interview Questions

October 7th, 2019

Swimming Coaches provide guidance and swimming lessons to people of all ages. They typically find employment in schools, clubs, community centers, summer camps, universities, or may choose to work as a private instructor. Swimming Coaches help beginners and professionals perfect their breathing and stroke techniques, swim speed, and other skills.

When interviewing Swimming Coaches, look for candidates who have a good understanding of water safety and can coach different swimming levels. Be wary of those who are impatient and unable to collaborate with or take instructions from other coaches.

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Interview Questions for Swimming Coaches:

1. Why it is important that children and adults know how to swim?

Reveals more about the candidate, their knowledge of swimming, and their understanding of the position.

2. What are the most important safety measures to keep in mind when swimming?

Tests knowledge of swim safety, and the ability to transfer this knowledge to students.

3. Can you describe how you might determine someone’s swimming competency?

Tests knowledge of coaching, and the ability to identify talent and conduct baseline testing.

4. What are your best motivational strategies for beginner swimmers who fear water?

Reveals motivational abilities, empathy, as well as planning and interpersonal skills.

5. How would you go about increasing an athlete’s swimming speed?

Demonstrates knowledge of swimming, and also tests planning, monitoring, and training techniques.

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