Athletic Trainer Interview Questions

Athletic Trainer Interview Questions

October 7th, 2019

Athletic Trainers work with medical professionals and coaches to evaluate the physical condition of athletes, give advice on health and fitness, and diagnose, treat, and prevent sports-related injuries. Athletic Trainers assist athletes in realizing their potential.

When interviewing Athletic Trainers, look for candidates who possess a strong understanding of sports-related injuries and their treatment, as well as those who are passionate about assisting athletes in their training goals. Take note of candidates who lack interpersonal and communication skills as well as those who lack proper medical training.

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Interview Questions for Athletic Trainers:

1. How do you motivate athletes who are in recovery from an injury?

Demonstrates candidates' experience as well as interpersonal skills.

2. How would you design a therapy plan for an athlete?

Look for candidates who demonstrate a sound knowledge of medical treatment plans.

3. What physical therapy techniques and equipment have you used to treat injured athletes?

Demonstrates candidates' experience and knowledge of physical therapy.

4. Have you misdiagnosed an injury before, and how did you rectify your mistake?

Look for candidates who demonstrate the ability to learn from and correct their mistakes.

5. How would you devise a fitness and diet plan for an athlete?

Demonstrates candidates' experience and knowledge of physical fitness and dietary plans.

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