Social Media Manager Job Description

Thinking about hiring a social media manager?

It’s a relatively new job, the exact parameters of it aren’t clear to everyone, and it’s value is still questioned by many, causing it to be the butt of more than a few jokes.

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But if you’re reading this, you’ve likely realized this position is an essential part of a digital marketing team, and that social media marketing has a lot of potential for bringing in leads, attracting new employees, improving customer service, and building brand reputation.

The question is how to hire the best person for this job? If you didn’t already know, we’re currently in one of the tightest hiring markets in U.S. history, with more unfilled jobs than ever, and an enormous skills gap. It's hard to hire for any job right now. 

Below we’ve got tips to help you find a great social media manager, along with a template you can use for job ads.

First, let’s start with the basics.

Social Media Manager

What does a social media manager do?

What you really want in a social media manager is someone with multiple abilities. 

They need to be able to create all types of content, understand customer service, have a knack for schmoozing with influential people, a good sense of humor, an ability to analyze data, be good leaders, understand the nuances of each social media channel… the list goes on.

Essentially, they should be able to unify your social presence and get it on message, figure out what the important metrics are and track, make and report progress on those metrics.

Metrics could include increasing customers, job applicants, brand recognition, customer service response and more.

Duties and responsibilities of a social media manager include:

  • Creating high-quality original written and visual content for a social media campaign.

  • Build a social media presence.

  • Coaching employees company-wide on content creation best practices.

  • Running company social media advertising campaigns.

  • Overseeing customer service provided via social media.

  • Monitoring company brand and building brand awareness on social media.

  • Analyzing data.

  • Responding to comments on social media.

  • Engaging influencers.

  • Be a community manager.

  • Able to develop the right voice for each social media platform.

How to Attract the Best Applicants

One of the big mistakes I see people making for any job they post online is using a job description, rather than an ad. A description tells you what the person in this position should do. It’s for internal use.

A job ad is meant to get the attention of the best candidates and get them to apply.

This may sound like a subtle distinction, but it can make a huge difference. Go to a job board like Indeed, search for “social media manager” you’ll find a long list of jobs that use almost the same title, with postings that consist of bullet pointed qualifications and requirements.

There’s so much room for you to stand out and get noticed by top candidates simply by writing a job post that explains why they’ll want to work for you.

When you write the ad, first think of what it is about your company that a social media manager would love about it.

Rather than list out a bunch of boring bullet points focused on what you want in the applicant, I’d suggest whittling it down to just one: proven experience as a successful social media manager in a paid position.

In the rest of the job post, you want to focus on these areas:

  • Why your company is great to work for.

  • Why the position is great.

  • Pay, perks and benefits.

  • Why they’ll like the team they work with.

  • Why they’ll like your location.

You’ll also want to try and speak to the pain points of social media managers. In my research, I found that there’s a couple things that bother them about the job:

  • Not being taken seriously.

  • Being micromanaged because everyone is watching their every move.

  • The fear of being thrown under the bus if they make a mistake.

  • Dealing with lots of negativity online.

Want to get the attention of an awesome hire for social media manager? Hit on these pain points in your job ad.

Social Media Manager Sample Job Ad

Social Media Manager - Work for a company that takes social (and you) seriously.

Ever get the feeling that you’re not respected as a social media manager? We strongly believe in the power of social media, and are ready to invest in this position. Work with us in beautiful, fun and always entertaining Austin, Texas.

The Company: Our company has been selling widgets in Austin, Texas since 1976. We’ve won numerous awards for the quality of our widgets, and our customers absolutely love us! Our widgets are used by companies such as Google, Tesla and Intelligentsia Coffee.

The Position: We’re on the lookout for a social media manager who can grow our community, bring in leads, help to organize our overall social strategy and align it with business leads. We’re not interested in micromanaging, and are ready to stand behind you and help when needed.


  • We offer top pay for this position.

  • Health and dental insurance.

  • Brand new laptop and tablet of your choice.

The Location:

Austin ranks #2 in U.S. News and World Report’s 100 best places to live! Known as the live music capital of the world, it’s got an awesome culinary scene, terrific weather and beautiful natural surroundings.

  • Austin schools rank well above the national average.

  • Local crime rate is well below the national average.

Why should you work here?

  • Work with a team that sees the value of social and supports you.

  • Earn great pay and benefits.

  • Live in an awesome place.

Want to create a job ad like this for your company? Here’s an easy template you can copy, paste and fill in:

Social Media Manager Job Ad Template

Social Media Manager - We offer [2-3 best things you offer applicants].

Tired of [something social media managers don’t like]? Come work at a [your business type - marketing firm, restaurant, etc.] where you can make a difference. We offer [3-5 best things you offer social media marketers].

The Company: [Company name] provides a truly great work environment for its employees. [3-4 more positive things about your company].

  • We have [clients, equipment, etc. that a social media marketer will appreciate].

  • We offer excellent [something you offer - ex. Opportunities for advancement].

The Role:  We’re looking for a [full time/part time, etc.] social media manager. Must have [requirement - see our list below], [2nd requirement] and [3rd requirement]. Salary is [dollar amount] per year.

  • Very competitive [competitive benefit you offer].

  • We also [another benefit or advantage to working at your company].

The Location: [Company name] is based in [city, state]. Our employees love it here because [3 reasons people love your city/region].

Why Should You Apply?

  • [Reason 1 - ex. Great pay.]

  • [Reason 2 - ex. Work from home 3 days per week.]

  • [Reason 3 - ex. 20 days paid time off.]

Questions to Ask in a Social Media Manager Job Interview

Ready to interview your idea candidate? Here are questions we recommend to help you learn more about them, along with reasons for asking the questions.

How do you evaluate success?

An important question. There’s often a lot of worry around whether money spent on social media is worth it. They should have clear metrics.

What are some common mistakes social media managers make?

Someone who really knows the position should know the common pitfalls.

What is your process for connecting with influencers?

A big part of social media management is the ability to connect with influencers in the space. The ideal candidate should have a process for doing this.

What are your strategies for staying on task?

As a long time remote worker, I know that staying on task can be tough, especially if your job requires you to be on social media. How do they stay focused?

Common Skills and Requirement for Social Media Managers

Although we encourage keeping these to a minimum for the job posting, it's good to know some of the most common requirements employers look for in social media managers, also known as a social media coordinator or community manager. This can be helpful for screening candidates for the role.

  • Social media marketing experience.
  • Experience developing a social media strategy.
  • Experience working with and developing a marketing plan.
  • Proven ability to build a social media community. 
  • Understanding of graphic design principles. 
  • Experience as a brand manager on social media.
  • Understand how to measure the success of campaigns.

Average Social Media Manager Salary - What You Should Expect To Pay

Social media managers are in the most demand in Utah, Maryland, and Florida. Larger cities tend to pay the best average annual salary for this position.  

  • Large City: $51,800
  • Medium City: $50,700
  • College/Small Town: $43,700

Hire Your Dream Social Media Manager

Ok, we hope that gave you not only what you need to hire a social media manager, but to find a truly great one who can help you take advantage of the enormous audience that social promises.