Marketing Manager Interview Questions

Marketing Manager Interview Questions

Last updated November 2nd, 2017

Marketing Managers develop and execute strategies in order to promote businesses, brands, or specific products. Successful candidates will be creative, resourceful, and knowledgeable. Avoid candidates who are disorganized or lack communication or time management skills.

Interview Questions for Marketing Managers

1. Describe how you have helped launch new products. How do marketing needs change after the launch?

Tests job knowledge.

2. What do you know about our recent marketing efforts? What do you like? What would you change?

Shows interest in the company.

3. What are the most powerful advertising tools for our products? How do we use them to our advantage?

Shows trend awareness.

4. Have you ever increased interest in a product that was floundering? How?

Reveals more about work history.

5. How do you ensure that the department runs smoothly and all tasks are completed on time? Support your answer.

Tests management skills.

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