Marketing Strategist Interview Questions

Marketing Strategist Interview Questions

July 29th, 2020

Also known as a marketing consultant, marketing strategists are responsible for researching target markets and developing a marketing strategy that appeals to these groups. Marketing strategists work with several teams such as sales and marketing to implement and maintain strategies that will help the brand to meet its goals.

When interviewing marketing strategists, the ideal candidate should be able to think on their feet and communicate clearly. Be wary of candidates who lack an all-round understanding of marketing strategies.

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Interview Questions for Marketing Strategists:

1. What do you use to measure social media metrics?

Shows the candidate's knowledge of industry-relevant software.

2. Can you describe a successful campaign that you developed?

Reveals the candidate's work experience.

3. How do you judge the success of a campaign?

Shows the candidate's ability to monitor a campaign and judge user feedback.

4. How do you decide which social media platforms should be used?

Tests the candidate's ability to research a target market's preferences.

5. Have you ever received negative feedback on a campaign you developed? What was your response?

Shows the candidate's professionalism and ability to correct their mistakes.

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