Marketing Director Interview Questions

Marketing Director Interview Questions

March 21st, 2018

Marketing Directors develop marketing strategies, direct department activities, and ensure that resources are used effectively. Successful candidates will be creative, efficient, and analytical. Avoid those who lack interpersonal, communication, or management skills.

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Interview Questions for Marketing Directors

1. What is the most complex project you’ve worked on? What was your role? How did you ensure tasks were completed on time?

Tests project management skills.

2. What do you like about our marketing efforts? What would you change?

Shows creativity.

3. Have you ever received a negative response to a campaign? Why do you think it failed? What would you do differently?

Shows adaptability.

4. What do current trends indicate about our customers? How would you respond?

Shows trend awareness.

5. How do you explain a marketing plan to someone without a creative background? How do you prove the plan’s value?

Tests presentation skills.

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