Social Media Manager Interview Questions

Social Media Manager

Last updated November 3rd, 2017

Social Media Managers use a variety of skills, including leadership, communication, technology, data analysis, and interpersonal skills, to develop and maintain a company’s image and engage consumers on social media channels. Strong candidates will be analytical and engaging. Avoid uninsightful or disorganized candidates.

Interview Questions for Social Media Managers

1. Which social media platforms would be the most appropriate for our business? Why?

Shows trend awareness.

2. How have you engaged consumers and influencers on social media at other jobs? How do gain support?

Demonstrates the ability to build a network.

3. Has your content ever received negative attention? What caused it and what you do differently now?

Shows adaptability.

4. What do you think of our current social media activities? What would you change?

Shows preparedness.

5. How do you determine whether or not a strategy has been successful?

Tests ability to analyze data.

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