Senior Executive Assistant Interview Questions

Senior Executive Assistant Interview Questions

September 25th, 2019

A Senior Executive Assistant provides office support for senior managers. Senior Executive Assistants coordinate schedules and calendars, prepare records and reports, and manage junior staff members.

When interviewing Senior Executive Assistants, the ideal candidate should have excellent organizational skills, be discreet, and display a proactive nature. Be wary of candidates who lack leadership skills, struggle to work with other people, and lack organizational skills.

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Interview Questions for Senior Executive Assistants:

1. What office management software are you familiar with?

Demonstrates proficiency in software and computer literacy.

2. Have you ever had to adjust a schedule due to unforeseen circumstances?

Demonstrates ability to create schedules, flexibility, and problem-solving skills.

3. How would you deal with an angry individual who is demanding to speak with management?

Demonstrates problem-solving and customer service skills.

4. What do you believe the role of a Senior Executive Assistant is within an organization?

Reveals an understanding of the position and a passion for the job.

5. If the CEO gives you confidential information and another senior executive asks you for that information, how would you handle that situation?

Demonstrates ability to maintain confidentiality.

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