Salesforce Administrator Interview Questions

Salesforce Administrator Interview Questions

August 14th, 2020

Salesforce Administrators are employed by corporations to ensure that Salesforce CRM systems and products perform optimally. They maintain Salesforce databases, perform Salesforce system upgrades, and provide training and support to end-users. Their duties also include generating sales department reports.

When interviewing Salesforce Administrators, look for candidates who possess formal Salesforce certification and demonstrable experience in a similar sales environment. Be wary of candidates who lack knowledge of recent Salesforce releases and those with limited communication skills.

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Interview Questions for Salesforce Administrators:

1. Can you tell me your steps to remove duplicate data in Salesforce?

Reveals the candidate's knowledge of ensuring optimal Salesforce performance with deduplication procedures.

2. Which approach have you found works the best to train Salesforce end-users?

Assesses the candidate's proficiency and experience in providing end-users with training and support.

3. Can you describe how a recent Salesforce upgrade differed from an older version?

Evaluates the candidate's knowledge and their ability to keep up with new Salesforce upgrades.

4. In your experience, which records are important to archive regularly?

Demonstrates whether the candidate is aware of the need to routinely document processes, including error reports and changes to field history tables.

5. How would you motivate staff to embrace a switch to Salesforce?

Highlights the candidate's communication skills and reveals their Salesforce CRM knowledge.

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