Receptionist Interview Questions

Receptionist Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Receptionists support other staff members by answering phones, routing mail, greeting and directing visitors, preparing facilities, and making arrangements for travel or meetings. Successful candidates will be attentive, courteous, and organized. Avoid candidates who lack critical thinking and communication.

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Interview Questions for Receptionists

1. How do you handle demanding customers?

Tests interpersonal skills.

2. Explain how you used technology to handle administrative tasks.

Demonstrates computer skills.

3. How do you increase efficiency and accuracy? How do you fix mistakes?

Tests task management skills.

4. A manager asks you to make travel plans for a long trip. How do you do it? What questions do you ask?

Shows attention to detail.

5. As you’re setting up a conference room for a meeting, a customer comes in, the phone rings, and a package arrives. How do you assign priority to these tasks?

Tests multitasking skills.

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