Office Manager Interview Questions

Office Manager Interview Questions

Last updated November 2nd, 2017

Office Managers supervises the administrative staff and ensures that the offices operates smoothly and efficiently. Successful candidates will be organized, efficient managers with strong problem solving and interpersonal skills. Avoid candidates who lack communication skills or do not understand administrative duties.

Interview Questions for Office Managers

1. How do you resolve conflicts and encourage unity in the department?

Tests conflict resolution skills.

2. How would you increase efficiency and minimize errors? Support with experiences.

Demonstrates ability to improve processes.

3. Describe how you maintain relationships with vendors/lenders. Why is this necessary?

Shows interpersonal skills.

4. A manager asks you to make arrangements for a trip. How do you proceed?

Shows attention to detail.

5. Describe some of the most complex administrative projects you’ve handled. How did you do it?

Tests management skills.

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