Administrative Assistant Interview Questions

Administrative Assistant Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Administrative Assistants should be skilled communicators and problem solvers. Avoid careless or inattentive candidates.

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Interview Questions for Administrative Assistants

1. If a manager asks you to recommend a restaurant to impress a client, how would you handle it?

Shows research skills and thoroughness. See if they use resources or ask about allergies.

2. Which three skills make you a fit for this position? Support your answers with experiences.

Forces them to reflect and talk about their history.

3. Give an example of a time when you successfully multitasked.

Demonstrates an ability to multitask.

4. How have you calmed a stressful situation? Why?

Shows a desire to help others and how they handle stress.

5. A pushy client wants to speak with a manager who can’t be disturbed. What do you do?

Shows ability to follow instructions, solve problems and diffuse tense situations.

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