Real Estate Broker Interview Questions

Real Estate Broker Interview Questions

May 28th, 2019

Real Estate Brokers assist a diverse range of clients with various real estate transactions including selling, renting, and buying properties. They may also supervise a team of brokerage agents.

The successful candidate will be able to apply their sales skills to real estate transactions and will be an excellent communicator who loves working with people. Be wary of candidates that lack energy and show poor negotiation skills.

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Interview Questions for Real Estate Brokers:

1. How do you appraise the value of properties on your list?

The candidate should state that they research the property market and/or past purchases.

2. How do you ensure that you close a property deal effectively?

Shows work experience and knowledge about the closing process.

3. Describe your most successful property listing. What factors contributed towards your success?

Reveals the type of transactions the candidate has handled in the past.

4. Describe a time when you made an error on a contract. How did you fix the error?

Shows accountability and the willingness to learn from mistakes.

5. Have you worked with contractors, developers, or vendors in the past?

Reveals more about the candidate's network of contacts within the property industry.

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