Commercial Real Estate Broker Interview Questions

Commercial Real Estate Broker Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

A Commercial Real Estate Broker (also known as a Commercial Broker) assists clients in buying, selling, and leasing non-residential properties.

When interviewing for this role, look for a candidate with an impressive sales record who knows the local property market. Avoid candidates who seem uneducated in terms of legal procedures and those who justify unethical practices.

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Interview Questions for Commercial Real Estate Brokers

1. What is the biggest deal that you have closed?

Reveals more about the candidate's experience and the scope of the transactions they have dealt with.

2. How do you handle a potential buyer who isn't satisfied with any of the properties you have shown him/her?

Shows resourcefulness and people skills.

3. Who are the developers, lenders, and vendors you typically work with?

Reveals more about the candidate's network.

4. How do you go about getting new listings in a neighborhood you have never worked in before?

Demonstrates business acumen, resourcefulness, and motivation.

5. How do you use technology to be successful in your job?

Tests candidate's knowledge of using social media and online resources to sell/lease properties.

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