Piano Teacher Interview Questions

Piano Teacher Interview Questions

October 1st, 2019

Piano Teachers teach students how to play the piano. They can work independently from their own studio, travel to clients, or they can be employed at schools. Piano Teachers can work with students of all ages, and may also prepare pianists for competitions, concerts, and recitals.

When interviewing Piano Teachers, look for candidates who are patient, skilled, and can both be fun and serious. Be wary of candidates who seem unapproachable and have unrealistic expectations of students.

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Interview Questions for Piano Teachers:

1. As a piano teacher, what do you think makes a good pianist?

Tests piano knowledge, teaching experience, and ability to identify a good pianist.

2. What would you consider the three most important traits of a good piano teacher?

Tests knowledge of the role, as well as suitability for the position.

3. What is the most advanced piece you have mastered in your career?

Tests the candidate’s potential, their skill level, as well as experience.

4. What advice would you give to someone hoping to build a career as a pianist?

Tests knowledge, motivational skills, as well as the ability to provide adequate guidance.

5. Can you describe how you would deal with a really despondent student?

Tests problem-solving and motivational skills, as well as the ability to remain professional.

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