Pianist Job Description

Pianist Job Description

October 4th, 2019

Pianists are musicians who entertain audiences with piano music. They may perform in front of live audiences in theatre productions, supermarkets, and hotels, or work in a studio. Some Pianists also provide private tutoring or hold full-time teaching positions at schools and universities.

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Pianist Job Description Template

We are searching for a skilled and dependable Pianist to join our team. The Pianist’s responsibilities include showing up for scheduled bookings, rehearsals, and performances, sight-reading and playing from memory, taking audience requests, and teaching students. You should show up well-rested for sessions and be polite and courteous to colleagues, clients, and audience members.

To be successful as a Pianist, you should demonstrate good time management skills, passion, and discipline. Outstanding candidates are humble, respond well to criticism, and are keen to explore new genres.

Pianist Responsibilities:

  • Understanding project requirements and showing up on time for scheduled rehearsals, recitals, concerts, private tutoring sessions, and marketing events.
  • Practicing required ensembles and pieces on your own, as well as with other musicians.
  • Collaborating with artists, songwriters, musicians, actors, and other professionals.
  • Ensuring the piano is well-maintained and making arrangements for repairs and tuning.
  • Notifying stakeholders in a timely manner if you are ill, running late, or unable to perform or show up for lessons.
  • Organizing a suitable substitute under the guidance of the Music Director.
  • Patiently mentoring apprentices and other pianists.
  • Attending ongoing training and music development workshops or lectures.
  • Reading, writing, and making edits to musical notation when required.

Pianist Requirements:

  • Degree in Music, Musical Theory, Composition or similar may be required.
  • Master’s degree may be preferred.
  • Ability to sight-read, play from memory, and improvise.
  • Ability to play other instruments is advantageous.
  • Resilience and excellent endurance.
  • Great time management and tutoring skills as well as discipline.
  • A positive attitude and the ability to work as part of a team.

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