Physician Liaison Job Description

Physician Liaison Job Description

February 24th, 2020

A Physician Liaison works within marketing, sales, or business development offices of healthcare facilities to promote and build relationships between the healthcare system he or she works for and the doctors within the community. The Physician Liaison will meet with the local physicians to promote his or her healthcare facility's services.

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Physician Liaison Job Description Template

We are looking for a Physician Liaison to be responsible for the sales and public relations of our healthcare system. The Physician Liaison is the primary sales and marketing person responsible for building relationships between physicians' offices and our healthcare system to increase the number of patients referred to our facility for treatment and care. A Physician Liaison is the representative for doctors, medical practices, and hospitals, and bridges the communication gap between referring doctors and specialty physicians.

To be a successful Physician Liaison, you should demonstrate strong interpersonal, communication, and public speaking skills. You should also be willing to travel to complete your duties.

Physician Liaison Responsibilities:

  • Surveying local primary and specialty physicians to increase the number of patient referrals to the healthcare system.
  • Meeting with local physicians to promote our facility's services.
  • Helping doctors to build and maintain relationships with specialists and surgeons to refer patients with confidence.
  • Growing physician referrals and connecting our facility with the local healthcare community.
  • Meeting with referring doctors to discuss patient care, referrals, new treatments, and thanking them for existing referrals.
  • Increasing high revenue procedures and surgeries.
  • Reporting to the business development manager and ensuring you comply with the marketing goals and philosophies of our facility.
  • Reporting on your progress in building referrals and managing practitioner relationships.
  • Arranging and leading public relations campaigns and awareness efforts.

Physician Liaison Requirements:

  • An Associate's or Bachelor's degree in sales, marketing, healthcare administration, or related field.
  • Experience in healthcare sales may be advantageous.
  • General medical knowledge, especially related to our facility's services, treatment offerings, and equipment.
  • A willingness to travel.
  • Strong interpersonal, communication, public speaking, and organizational skills.
  • Good report writing skills.

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