Clinical Liaison Interview Questions

Clinical Liaison

May 16th, 2019

A Clinical Liaison markets a rehabilitation facility or hospice's services. Clinical Liaisons evaluate patients' eligibility for admission and guarantee continuity of care. Ideal candidates are empathetic, knowledgeable and organized. Avoid harsh, careless candidates.

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Clinical Liaison Interview Questions

1. Could you give me examples from past experience where you overcame challenges to meet patients' needs?

The candidate's answer will display their problem-solving skills.

2. How do you maintain knowledge of a facility's services?

The applicant’s response to this question is important, as a Clinical Liaison can only provide clients with quality service—and market your facility effectively—if they have proficient knowledge of services.

3. How do you maintain positive relationships with referral sources?

A large portion of a Clinical Liaison’s success hinges on their relationship with referral sources. Listen for the prospective hire to reveal this ability.

4. Are you sensitive to the needs of others, and why would you say so?

Clinical Liaisons work with people during times when they are experiencing painful life events. It is of paramount importance for the potential hire to demonstrate this ability.

5. Could you give me examples from your previous position that demonstrate your marketing abilities?

The candidate needs to convince you of their ability to market your facility successfully.

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