Nurse Practitioner Interview Questions

Nurse Practitioner Interview Questions

Last updated November 2nd, 2017

Nurse Practitioner are health care providers who may specialize in certain types of care or provide primary nursing services. Strong candidates will be caring and attentive with a strong medical diagnosis and treatment skills. Avoid those who lack problem solving or communication skills.

Interview Questions for Nurse Practitioners

1. What conditions or types of patients are you most comfortable working with? If you have a specialty, what made you choose it?

Reveals more about goals and experience.

2. How do you handle uncooperative patients?

Tests interpersonal skills.

3. How do you begin diagnosing and treating a patient. How do you balance medical needs and emotional needs?

Shows emotional intelligence.

4.Have you ever disagreed with a doctor about a patient’s care plan. What did you do?

Tests conflict resolution skills.

5. What information do you look at before examinations? What information do you record?

Shows attentiveness.

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