Family Nurse Practitioner Interview Questions

Family Nurse Practitioner Interview Questions

September 2nd, 2020

Family Nurse Practitioners are registered nurses who provide family-focused care. They manage overall patient care, such as educating patients on preventative measures, diagnosing and treating health conditions, counseling patients, and prescribing medication.

When interviewing Family Nurse Practitioners, the most suitable candidate will demonstrate confidence, knowledge, and excellent communication skills. Be wary of candidates who lack confidence and display poor interpersonal skills.

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Interview Questions for Family Nurse Practitioners:

1. Why do you consider yourself the most suitable for this job?

Demonstrates the candidates' knowledge of the position and interpersonal skills.

2. What programs will you conduct to educate patients on disease prevention and lifestyle?

Highlights the candidates' analytical ability in advising positive changes of behavior.

3. How do diagnostic tests assist you to diagnose and manage the disease, and handle overall patient care?

Tests the candidates' knowledge and experience.

4. Can you describe a time when a patient became violent during a counseling session? How did you handle the situation?

Demonstrates the candidates' ability to cope in an emergency.

5. How do you plan to conduct on-going care to ensure patient compliance?

Tests the candidates' experience, knowledge, and interpersonal skills.

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