Personal Shopper Interview Questions

Personal Shopper Interview Questions

March 9th, 2020

Personal Shoppers communicate with customers and offer purchasing advice. Their responsibilities include processing orders and special requests, reporting issues, and assisting with deliveries and returns of purchased items.

When interviewing Personal Shoppers, look for candidates who are professional and passionate about excellent customer service. Avoid candidates who are unfriendly and lack good communication and organizational skills.

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Interview Questions for Personal Shoppers:

1. If a customer is struggling to find a product in our store, how would you help?

Look for an answer that demonstrates their methods and skills as a Personal Shopper.

2. A customer complains about damage to an item. How do you help them?

Demonstrates the candidate's communication and customer service skills.

3. Which steps would you take if you notice that an ordered item is out of stock?

Evaluates the candidate’s organizational and problem-solving abilities.

4. Which physical demands do you think you’ll face in the work environment?

Determines knowledge of the role and suitability for the position.

5. Can you describe how you would manage an irregular work schedule?

Reveals the candidate's availability, their willingness to work irregular hours, and may also reveal their personal responsibilities.

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