Patient Transporter Interview Questions

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May 23rd, 2019

Patient Transporters are mainly responsible for moving patients from their beds to wheelchairs or stretchers, then transporting them to various locations in the hospital for medical procedures or examinations. They are also known as Hospital Transporters.

When interviewing candidates, look for individuals with excellent interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence. Be wary of candidates with low energy or poor physical fitness, as Patient Transporters need to be on their feet for long hours.

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Interview Questions for Patient Transporters:

1. What would you say to a patient who was incredibly frightened about an upcoming procedure?

Tests the candidate's ability to communicate effectively and provide comfort and encouragement.

2. How do you ensure you are always on time?

Tests the candidate's punctuality and time-management skills.

3. Are you able to stay on your feet for long hours at a time?

Tests the candidate's physical fitness.

4. You bring a patient to an operating room that is already occupied with a surgery in session. How do you proceed?

Tests the candidate's problem-solving skills and attention to detail.

5. Do you think you would be able to transport deceased patients to the mortuary?

Tests the candidate's ability to handle one of the more emotionally taxing job responsibilities.