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OSHA Career Center


From $50.00 /member post and $100.00 /nonmember post.

Job post duration

30, 60, and 90 days.

Featured listings

Resume database access

Job ad distribution


Employer branding


OSHA Career Center is the dedicated job portal of the Oregon Speech-Language & Hearing Association (OSHA), an association representing the local speech-language pathology and audiology sectors. The platform gives employers access to a niche network of candidates and has a wide variety of job posting plans on offer.

While the job board is a valuable resource for users looking to fill their speech-language pathology, audiology, and administration roles fast, it lacks certain key hiring services, such as job ad distribution and social media promotion.


  • OSHA members receive discounted rates on job posts.
  • The job board primarily caters to the Oregon job market, making it ideal for targeted hiring.
  • Listings can be highlighted and added to the top of the job board for maximum visibility.
  • Employers can search proactively for candidates in the site's resume database.
  • The job board features longer-than-average job post durations of 60 and 90 days.
  • Compared to some rival platforms, such as SpeechPathology.com Career Center, the site is an affordable choice.
  • Employers can add their company logo to vacancies to aid brand awareness.
  • Vacancies are published on the Google Jobs Network.
  • The job posting process is quick and simple.


  • The job board lacks social media promotion, applicant tracking, and candidate matching tools.
  • Listings aren't distributed to other job posting sites.


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Member Pricing

Nonmember Pricing

30-Day Listing



60-Day Listing



90-Day Listing



Add On: Featured Listing



How to Post a Job on OSHA Career Center:

$100.00 USD
10 Minutes
How to Post a Job on OSHA Career Center:

Four easy steps for posting a job on OSHA Career Center.


Posting a job on OSHA Career Center.


Click on "POST A JOB."

Click on "POST A JOB."

You'll find this button toward the top-left corner of OSHA Career Center's home page.


Register as an employer.

Register as an employer.

On the next page, click on "Create an account" and fill out the online form with your details. Then, click on "CREATE ACCOUNT" to continue.

Confirm your registration by clicking on "Yes, I'm sure Create Guest Account."

Add your email address, click on "NEXT," and enter your password to log in.


Create your job post.

Create your job post.

Fill out the online form with your listing's details, including the job title, location, and industry type. Once complete, click on "NEXT: JOB DURATION."

Select your preferred job posting duration and click on "NEXT: PAYMENT DETAILS."


Pay for your listing.

Pay for your listing.

Add your payment details to the online form and click on "SUBMIT PAYMENT" to complete your purchase.

Once your payment has been processed, your job post will go live on the site.

OSHA Career Center vs. SpeechPathology.com Career Center:

OSHA Career Center and SpeechPathology.com Career Center are both niche job boards for speech pathology and audiology talent. While OSHA Career Center charges $50.00 for a member post and $100.00 for nonmembers, a 30-day post on SpeechPathology.com costs $149.00. Both sites offer resume searches and featured listings.

OSHA Career Center vs. The Oregonian Jobs:

OSHA Career Center and The Oregonian Jobs are both statewide job boards, but the former gives users a more targeted approach to hiring talent in the local speech pathology and audiology sectors. While OSHA Career Center charges $50.00 per member post and $100.00 for nonmembers, The Oregonian Jobs charges $400.00 per post.

Key Information

Legal Name

Oregon Speech-Language & Hearing Association

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1948


Salem, OR 97303




1 (503) 877-2042




What does it cost to post a job on OSHA Career Center?

OSHA Career Center's pricing starts at $50.00 for a 30-day member post and $100.00 for nonmembers.

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