Office Coordinator Interview Questions

Office Coordinator Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Also known as an Office Supervisor, the Office Coordinator is responsible for answering phone calls, responding to emails, filing documentation and ordering office supplies.

When interviewing Office Coordinators, the most suitable candidate will demonstrate their organizational skills and the ability to manage several tasks at once. Be wary of candidates with no prior experience in an administrative role and appear to have low energy levels.

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Interview Questions for Office Coordinators

1. You are assigned several complex tasks with different deadlines. How do you handle this?

Demonstrates time management skills.

2. How have you used computers in administrative or clerical work?

Shows computer proficiency.

3. How would you increase efficiency and minimize errors? Support with experiences.

Demonstrates ability to improve processes.

4. Describe some of the most complex administrative projects you’ve handled. How did you do it?

Tests management skills.

5. While managers are in a meeting, an impatient customer comes in and demands to see someone. What do you do?

Tests ability to handle tense situations.

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