Machine Operator Interview Questions

Machine Operator Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Machine Operators, also called Machinists or Tool and Die Makers, work with computer operated and mechanical equipment to install, repair, and maintain heavy machines. Look for good mechanics with computer skills. Avoid those who are not detail-oriented or can’t be trained.

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Interview Questions for Machine Operators

1. Tell about the machines you’ve worked with in the past and what you did with them.

Details experience with machinery.

2. Have you ever done quality checks? What was involved?

Shows ability to run tests on machines.

3. Tell about a time when you found and solved a problem with a machine. How did you do it?

Shows mechanical and problem-solving skills.

4. You and a team member disagree about a safety measure. How would you resolve this?

Displays ability to work with others and adhere to rules.

5. If hired, what type of training do you think would most need to be successful? Why?

Reveals possible weaknesses.

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